Appeal for Support

closing the appeal

Contributions as of 28 OCT 2018, 10PM
TOTAL AMOUNT: $1,076,170

We are facing two civil law suits in the High Court. One suit is being brought by Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC), directed by an Independent Panel (Philip Jeyaretnam S.C., N. Sreenivasan S.C. and Ong Pang Thye) appointed under the Town Councils Act. The other suit is brought by Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council (PRPTC).

Both suits allege that we and two other town councillors failed in our duties managing AHTC, and are liable to pay monies to AHTC and PRPTC. The total sum claimed against us is potentially more than $30 million, even though we are not accused of receiving any of these monies personally.

The claims against us are unfounded. We have acted in good faith, and did what we believed to be in the best interests of our residents and the Town Council. We have mounted rigorous defences in the two suits, and engaged a legal team from M/s Tan Rajah & Cheah.

We will fight the claims vigorously. If we lose the suits and are adjudged to pay large sums of money, and are unable to pay, we would face bankruptcy.

Since the suits commenced, the three of us have funded the legal expenses, using our personal savings and contributions from friends. We have not used any funds from the Workers’ Party. The total we have paid to our own lawyers to date is close to $600,000, covering the work done before the trial. The costs incurred so far have depleted our personal resources.

We need financial resources to fight the legal battle and to deal with the prospect of being made a bankrupt.

We now appeal to the public for financial support.

Thank you for your support. Every contribution, large and small, counts.

Contributions can be made in the following ways:

• PayNow to +65 9852 5901 (Sylvia’s public line)
• Internet fund transfer to UOB account no. 396 309 388 6
• Cheque made payable to any one of us:
Lim Swee Lian Sylvia
Low Thia Khiang
Pritam Singh

Mail to “My Mail Box 882560 Singapore 919191”

If it is convenient, please include your email address so that we can thank you.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Your support is much appreciated.

Thank you from us three!

68 Comments Add yours

  1. Naresh Mahtani says:

    Hi Sylvia, Low and Pritam.

    You have big support from me and many others. We admire your energy and courage. And doing a great job running Aljunied and Hougang in spite of all the obstacles and odds. Have made a small donation and asking others to do so.


  2. Naresh Mahtani says:

    Hi Sylvia, Low and Pritam. Have made a small donation and asking others to do so.
    You have big support from me and many others. We admire your energy and courage. And doing a great job running Aljunied and Hougang in spite of all the obstacles and odds.


  3. Alice says:

    希望民间的力量能帮你们度过这难关。加油 & good luck to all!


  4. Yeo Gek Tiang says:

    Most of us thinking n fair-minded Singaporeans are solidly behind you, WP . Will support you all the way. Will be sending you a small token of support – wished I could donate more but I m a retiree …Best wishes for the fight for justice…


  5. Seowcc says:

    Donated yesterday! Don’t give up the fight. When the parliament is all white, this country is doomed.


  6. Patrick Teo says:

    United we stand God is watching. Someday they will have to pay the price for the atrocities that they commit


  7. Richard Yong says:

    I have donated a very small amount but hope it can do much when added together with other supporters ‘ contribution. Thank you for standing up the weak and poor against tyrants.


  8. Kah Bee Lim says:

    加油!Have faith in yourself. Do not lose your fighting spirit!


  9. Molly says:

    Dear 3 maskitiers, is it really true that we can contribute thro the network given above?


  10. Donald Trump says:

    It’s not a surprise if pap will make you guys bankrupt. Sorry, we ourselves are broke to help you. They make us broke too. They will suppress whoever they are scared of by any means. They had a done to those before you successfully. BUT your loss does not mean our loss. We will win this very next election as revenge. The power is in our hands, not theirs.


  11. Neo says:

    1. Do reach out to the Chinese, Malay and Indian speaking Singaporeans.
    2. How about a fund raising campaign at Speakers corner?


  12. I hope your team will succeed and be able to further help singaporeans who very much need you too. Will pray for your team day after day.. 💕 have made a donation, it may not be alot but every bit helps! Hang in there and keep your head up! We need each other!


  13. Hi the person in charge we wish to inform you about AMK blk 555 ave 10 / blk 630 st 61 there is a lot of mouse which come out in the mid night could you send somebody to take picture and put on newspapers thanks


  14. Edwin Tan says:

    Hi Mr Low, Mr Pritam & Miss Lim, wish you all the best in the verdict . No matter what, we will support all of you. Contributed my part n let me know how i can help further. Thanks. Can i have 1 WP polo tee as a sovenier too haha?


  15. james goh says:

    I will support WP all the way pap is really abusive behaviour
    make me angry .I support u all $500


  16. Chia L.M. says:

    If you win or the judge hearing the case, I hope Oppies supporters will contribut more $$$ to help WP to counter sue the ‘trouble makers.
    I’m sick and tired of the ‘strong arm’ tactics practise by them.
    An example is SC fees. from a monthly S$45 increasing it to S$55. As I’m a kindergarten dropped ou, the % increased I’m unable to figure out.

    Very soon I need to tak my grandmother’s rusty spitoon to the pawnshop to borrow some S$$$ to pay for the monthly fee.


  17. Thomas Khoo says:

    What is the latest status of the In Good Faith IGF fund appeal ?


  18. Lim Hang Kiat says:

    Each moment
    We move forward
    With love n forgiveness
    Life on earth is temporary
    Smile n
    The world will smile with you
    Forgive and
    You be forgiven;
    And you will be loved
    Give and
    You will receive.
    Nothing in the world
    Is greater than love.


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