Closing the Appeal 诉诸援助中止 Menutup Rayuan Itu

TOTAL AMOUNT: $1,076,170

Dear Friends,

We are very touched by the incredible outpouring of support from the public for the appeal that we launched barely three days ago.

The amount raised has crossed a million dollars.

We are closing the appeal for now, as the amount raised substantially covers the legal fees required at this point in time.

We would like to ask you to hold your contributions if you have not transferred them.

We will provide updates here on how the funds are used.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The financial support is crucial but the moral support you have given us is incalculable.

Sylvia, Pritam and Mr Low

捐款总额: $1,076,170
乐捐总数: 6,155








林瑞莲、比丹星、刘程强 同敬启


Salam Hormat,

Kami amat tersentuh dengan sokongan yang melimpah dari orang ramai atas rayuan yang kami lancarkan hampir tiga hari lalu.

Jumlah sumbangan yang diterima telah mencecah satu juta dolar.

Kami akan menghentikan usaha rayuan ini buat masa sekarang kerana jumlah yang telah terkumpul dapat menampung yuran guaman yang diperlukan buat masa kini.

Kami meminta kepada mana-mana pihak yang ingin menyumbang namun belum sempat dilakukan agar jangan melakukan sebarang transaksi buat masa sekarang.

Kami akan menyediakan perkembangan tentang bagaiman dana yang terkumpul digunakan melalui saluran ini.

Kami ingin mengucapkan terima kasih dengan seikhlas hati. Sokongan kewangan adalah penting namun sokongan moral yang anda berikan kepada kami adalah tidak ada tolak bandingannya dan amat bermakna.

Sylvia, Pritam dan Encik Low

37 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam Lau says:

    加油 !


  2. Min says:

    We are very proud of you for all your hard work. Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts. Please press on. 🙂


  3. Patrick Tang says:

    Good luck, God will bless. Your party has been working very hard to give a better life for the future, and we as Singapore citizen will like to see the change.


  4. peter quek says:

    Hi LTK, SL, PS, I have collected $1200 from my group of opposition supporters and was originally planning to pass the cheque to LTK personally on this coming Wed at Blk 713 Bedok Reservoir MTPS. we are sincerely helping all the 3 of you and would liked to proceed despite the closure. Please advise if i can still meet mr. Low this wed to pass him the cheque and show our support in person.
    Breakdown of Donor
    1. Issac Chin – $300
    2.Tan keng Ann- $300
    3. Peter Quek – $200
    4. Betsy -$200
    5. Chow & Carol – $200


  5. Tan says:

    Can we still donate?


  6. Kala says:

    Hi I was waiting to weekend to do this as did not have time. Can I still contribute a small tiny amount?


  7. Kit says:

    Just say when .


  8. Laura says:

    Thank you for representing us in Politics, Mr Singh, Ms Lim and Mr Low. It means a lot to have someone helping us there 😊


  9. Wee Boon Chye says:

    Jiayu, we fully back you guys in taking on the PAP bullies.


  10. Wee Boon Chye says:

    Don’t give in nor guve up. My wife and are cheering you guys on.


  11. Ong Siew Hock. Ivan says:

    Well Done.


  12. Chua Kwee Song says:

    Great. I was hoping you could achieve the 2 peanuts equivalent (1.2m) by end of week.
    However closing 27th 10am with over 1m is a good achievement. It goes to proved that we need you guys. We believe in you and we look forward to see more WP MPs in parliament.


  13. Ho C O says:

    The people have faith in you. My wife and I will hold our contributions until further required. Good luck. Keep the faith.


  14. Wes says:

    Why not unite and fight the PAP. Momentum is now to get all to unite and fight them tooth for tooth. By saturating the votes on party line it goes without saying opposition gets their votes diluted. Pap will always use statistic and data management to their own advantage. Wash and everytime you end up with shorter end. Collaborate and gets some resistance in there and change those mind of sticky pap supporter who are like animal farm mentality. Good luck.


  15. Ricky Loo says:

    Singaporeans are behind you guys.


  16. Peter Ng says:

    Good work. Keep up with the struggles as an alternative government. From now on, please be more responsible . Don’t disappoint Singaporeans with any more sloppy administration.
    Best regards


  17. Margaret ong says:

    All the best WP
    Let justice prevail


  18. Choo Hong Peng says:

    Real gold will remain real gold no matter how high you raise the temperature. It will not change to become iron or oxide or CO2.


  19. Goh Qi Yuan Bernard says:

    Be sincere Be true to yourself. How others judge you is not important.
    The public is not dumb.


  20. Ng Sok Eng says:



  21. Elice Tan says:

    May The Almighty continue to bless and protect you, three, Low Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim and Pritam Singh. Best Regards, Elice Tan


  22. SW Kwie says:

    CONGRATS to Mr Low, Ms Silvia, Mr Pritam on early closing of your appeal for public donations to your legal costs should you lose your case against PAP who is bent to bankrupt Opposition! To achieve your target in just three days after sending out your appeal is indeed beyond belief. It only goes to show the majority of donors are getting sick of the PAP and its policies.


  23. Ahee says:

    As leaders of Sg only opposition party in parliament, you need to show consistency in doing certain things, and one of them is disclosure. For the past 2 days at 10pm you disclosed the total number of donors, for Day 1 when collection is 64K++ and now at closing at more than 1 mil, you did not disclose donor numbers. Please be consistent, as a donor like me will like to see this information and assessing the way WP leaders handle financials. Be meticulously detailed and perhaps this lawsuit would not have been necessary in the first place. After the judgment is out and if necessary, will donate again as deemed fit.


  24. Justin Lee says:

    Praying that all of you will be vindicated in your management of AHTC. Pray too that you will be able to continue to serve the residents of Aljunied GRC for many elections to come.


  25. James Wong says:

    They have given all Singaporean’s a common cause “ NO MORE ABUSE OF POWER!!”
    Singaporeans have come together to fight this blatant abuse and it will hopefully generate momentum to make it a national battle cry to bring down this tyrannical group.
    70% wake up and show your support!


  26. Michael Lee says:

    Your party has just crossed the Rubicon, the river of no return. Keep on fighting. We fully support you.


  27. Ryan says:

    Please do not give up! You guys are the most respected MP I have ever seen. You are not alone. You have us to walk with you. Stay strong. Fight all the way with the white ants!

    From: Hougang Residents


  28. Soh Chee Seng says:

    Hi all,
    Kindly keep me posted.
    Thought of doing it today, but too late. So sorry.
    WP is doing great for the Nation!
    Thank you so much!


  29. Woo Chee Mun says:

    Thank you for fighting for us.


  30. Joel says:

    Fight for your right if there isn’t any wrongdoing.


  31. G M kwang says:

    Hi pls ask why pap did not challenge their town councils loss of the $16 millions invested in financial product when they should place residents fund under the sinking fund.


  32. Mak Kum Seng says:

    I respect the three of you who displayed a fighting spirit in court. I guess those who follow the court proceeding will realize PAP is trying to retake Aljunied GRC. The support shown to you three does indicate Singapore need opposition to rise our voices on the many rule, law changes and consumption taxes which is adding hardship to the community. Good work.


  33. hugh kwan says:

    I read, I believed, I gave, I told others. Singapore and Singaporeans are indeed worthy of your rational, respectable and responsible opposition. Be loyal, stay true.


  34. Chow WL says:

    Dear Silvia, Pritam, Mr Low,

    Please do put up a good fight in this case.

    We acknowledged the tremendous courage you need at this time, and are all behind you !

    With Best Wishes.


  35. Jimmy loh says:

    Keep up the fight against “corruption. Many of us are backing your party.


  36. Parambir says:

    Hey Ronny all the best to you guys.


  37. Tong Chong Heong says:

    M truly happy that so many Singaporeans like me are so touched n immediately responded to your appeal to help fight your frivolous cases where no criminal intent was ever discovered despite years of unrelenting effort to look for one!
    This most rediculous n unreasonable civil court case is a thorough waste of time n money aimed at just having all three of Singapore’s most trusted n beloved Opposition MPs out of the next race!
    Many if not most are looking forward to a knock out of more GRCs in the next election!
    Good luck n best wishes


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