Mr Low Thia Khiang’s Affidavit of Evidence-in-Chief

“I am Chinese educated. I graduated from Nanyang University in 1980 with a general degree and from the National University of Singapore (“NUS”) in 1981 with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Chinese Studies. Upon graduating from NUS, I was admitted to the Institute of Education and I obtained a Diploma in Education. Subsequently, I became a teacher in a secondary school. I joined the WP in 1982 and subsequently became its Organising Secretary (a role within the WP’s Central Executive Committee) until 1991 when I became WP’s Assistant Secretary-General. I took over as Secretary-General of the WP in 2001.”

You can read Mr Low’s Affidavit Evidence-in-Chief (less the annexes) here: 2018.09.06 – AEIC of Low Thia Khiang_Redacted_Reduced

Illustration by Kenneth Choy from

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  1. ALBERT LIM says:

    The PAPies is giving me $200 from SG Bonus. Once I get it , I will send you a cheque of same amount.


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