Update on Account #3

Dear Friends

On 13 Nov 2018, our Lawyers deducted a sum of $700,109.90 from the balance deposit placed with them, to pay their bill number 20180868 issued on 5 Nov. This bill was for work done for the trial, up to 30 Oct.

Please see the confirmatory letter attached.

The balance deposit prior to this deduction was $804,192.69. With this deduction, the balance deposit with our lawyers stands at $104,082.79, which will remain with them for payment of further bills for work done.

Sylvia, Pritam and Mr Low




One Comment Add yours

  1. Pete says:

    It’s ok, no need for detailed update actually because I trust Sylvia Girl, Pritam and Mr Low. Anyway I’m holding onto my contribution because the appeal was suddenly “Close” when I wanted to make my (humble) contribution. 😉


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