Mr Pritam Singh’s Affidavit of Evidence-in-Chief

“I joined the Workers’ Party in 2010 when I was a Juris Doctor candidate at the Singapore Management University. Prior to taking over Mr Low Thia Khiang as Secretary-General of WP on 8 April 2018. I was previously the Assistant Secretary-General of WP. When I first joined WP and before I became an elected member with the AHTC in 2011, I did not have any prior experience in Town Council management either as a Town Councillor or a member of any Town Council Committee. From July 2012 to date, I have been the Chairman of the Tenders & Contracts Committee. On 1 August 2012, I was appointed Vice-Chairman of AHTC. On 1 October 2015, I was appointed as the Chairman of AHTC.”

You can read Mr Pritam Singh’s Affidavit Evidence-in-Chief (less the annexes) and the errata here:

2018.09.14 – AEIC of Pritam Singh_Redacted

2018.10.19 – Erratum in AEIC (PS)

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