Appeal for Support

closing the appeal

Contributions as of 28 OCT 2018, 10PM
TOTAL AMOUNT: $1,076,170

We are facing two civil law suits in the High Court. One suit is being brought by Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC), directed by an Independent Panel (Philip Jeyaretnam S.C., N. Sreenivasan S.C. and Ong Pang Thye) appointed under the Town Councils Act. The other suit is brought by Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council (PRPTC).

Both suits allege that we and two other town councillors failed in our duties managing AHTC, and are liable to pay monies to AHTC and PRPTC. The total sum claimed against us is potentially more than $30 million, even though we are not accused of receiving any of these monies personally.

The claims against us are unfounded. We have acted in good faith, and did what we believed to be in the best interests of our residents and the Town Council. We have mounted rigorous defences in the two suits, and engaged a legal team from M/s Tan Rajah & Cheah.

We will fight the claims vigorously. If we lose the suits and are adjudged to pay large sums of money, and are unable to pay, we would face bankruptcy.

Since the suits commenced, the three of us have funded the legal expenses, using our personal savings and contributions from friends. We have not used any funds from the Workers’ Party. The total we have paid to our own lawyers to date is close to $600,000, covering the work done before the trial. The costs incurred so far have depleted our personal resources.

We need financial resources to fight the legal battle and to deal with the prospect of being made a bankrupt.

We now appeal to the public for financial support.

Thank you for your support. Every contribution, large and small, counts.

Contributions can be made in the following ways:

• PayNow to +65 9852 5901 (Sylvia’s public line)
• Internet fund transfer to UOB account no. 396 309 388 6
• Cheque made payable to any one of us:
Lim Swee Lian Sylvia
Low Thia Khiang
Pritam Singh

Mail to “My Mail Box 882560 Singapore 919191”

If it is convenient, please include your email address so that we can thank you.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Your support is much appreciated.

Thank you from us three!

68 Comments Add yours

  1. Dennis Khew says:

    Yes bro. Will be putting my SG Bonus to good use. Thankyou very much.


  2. Richard Lim says:

    It has been their (MIW) ways of silencing credible opposition by bankrupting them. I will send my contribution to the bank account when I return to Singapore this weekend. WP have my support. Keep up the good work.
    In good faith!


  3. Yvonne Sin says:

    I will send S$200 on my pay day, till this law suit end.


  4. Ken Ling says:

    Sent in a small contribution, just to offer my token of support.
    Wish you all the best in this court case.
    I trust that justice will be done.


  5. James Tan says:

    How will I know the funds will be used for the payment of the legal cost? In good faith like the town council fund?


  6. Parsh Singh says:

    Good luck Sylvia and guys – Democracy is somewhat alive because of You. You have sacrificed yourselves so that people like us can have the comfort zone. Fight the battle – Victory will be Yours.
    God Bless the true blue Singapore.


  7. Loh says:

    Who ever is orchestrating this civil case, is gonna drag this trial to next year & WP can’t even focus on GE2019, right?
    When the 3 WP leaders get bankrupted, they can’t even contest elections, right?
    So, what happens next?
    PAP take back Aljunied GRC & possibly even Hougang?
    PAP gets total domination of Parliament?
    Is this what Singaporeans want?


  8. J says:

    Hi, your blog is pretty hard to find, you should set up a gofundme page and publicise it on your facebook accounts. Gofundme isnmore transparent as well. Good Luck!


  9. Allen says:

    For the electronic transfer to your UOB account, what is the payee’s name?


  10. William says:

    Any others means to contribute beside those stated above.


  11. WK Lim says:

    Definitely I will help as Singapore need a strong opposition regardless whether they will form the next government. A strong opposition will alway become a police officer to check on the government. Not everything the current government did alway benefits the Singaporean.

    However I still very confuse why such legal cases happened!!!! If I’m not wrong during the Lehman Brothers crisis, some town council also make a huge losses. Than why no legal action was taken against the people that approved the investment. All this approval should be approved by the so call MP, right?


  12. Wilson Lee says:

    I just donate $20 through paynow. Can’t help much, but hope this little thought help.


  13. Chin Kok Khiong says:

    You have my support. Just contributed to your UOB acct.


  14. Amanda says:

    Has donated a small token.
    Stay united and keep up with the fight .


  15. Jean says:

    All the best to the 3 of you. Whatever the outcome, the higher power has bigger plans for you guys. Don’t lose heart. I have made my donation under JT to Sylvia’s paynow. Hope that the little I contribute will go along way.


  16. Indra Singh KS says:

    yes you deserve all the support at this crucial period. We all love you n pray that contributions will flow generously. May god bless you to overcome the hurdle.


  17. Isabelle Leow says:

    May God bless you all! Thank you for being so selfless and fighting for the needs of ordinary Singaporeans. Do keep us posted if more money is required. Good luck with the trial and stay strong!


  18. Lester Tan says:

    Your PayNow Transfer to LIM SWEE LIAN SYLVIA (Mobile no.: +XXXXXX5901) for S$50.00 on 24/10 20:39 was successful. If unauthorised, call +65 63272265.

    Dear WP.

    Please carry on the hardwork and we really appreciate your voice in the house.

    Small amount in donation. Hope that helps


  19. A Singapore Citizen says:

    Your PayNow Transfer to LIM SWEE LIAN SYLVIA (Mobile no.: +XXXXXX5901) for S$5.00 on 24/10 22:34 was successful. If unauthorised, call +65 63272265.


  20. Jason Lin says:

    I am frustrated to see what our current garmen has been doing to their oppositions and us.
    I am thankful to have fellow citizens like you guys to speak up on our behalf at the expense of your own finances and legal liabilities.
    I am happy that i can play a small part in contributing to your legal battle against them be it a positive or negative outcome.
    I wish and hope you and your team will emerge victorious and lead us to a better future not only for us but also the many generations to come.


  21. Ruby says:

    I pray hard for the three of you to be safe and sound. I want to see you three continue in the parliament and bring more alternative voices in parliament.
    I have made a small donation as a token of my support for you three.
    All the best and I hope you will win.


  22. Kelv says:

    Pls hang in there!! We need u for the next GE!! Have send thru paynow. Sorry for the small amount


  23. IZ says:

    Done. All the best.


  24. Ronnie Ee says:

    Had made a small contribution of $100.00. Had spread this request to all my taxi friends as well as my other friends. Hope they would also be helping.


  25. Francis Lee says:

    I just made a small contribution to your cause.
    I know what they are trying to do.
    Have Faith, stay in there. Truth will prevail.


  26. Ricky Loo says:

    I trust you guys. We need to stand up together as One United People.

    Time to tell the Papigs we have had enough.

    Pray for you guys and Singapore.

    Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu


  27. Ricky Loo says:

    I trust you guys. We must stand United as One People.


  28. Paul Low says:

    Transferred S$50 to Ms Lim’s PayNow. Good luck!


  29. Ong Siew Hock. Ivan says:

    I will be meeting Ms Sylvia Lim in 29 Oct 2018

    I will be giving my $100/- support for WP’s fight against the tyrannies of the ruling party
    I would expect a receipt for mine small contribution to your cause.

    As I am retired, I do not have an income.


  30. Ong Siew Hock. Ivan says:

    I will be meeting Ms Sylvia Lim in 29 Oct 2018

    I will be giving my $100/- support for WP’s fight against the tyrannies of the ruling party
    I would expect a receipt for mine small contribution to your cause.

    As I am retired, I do not have an income.


  31. Anna Low says:

    Would contribute, but I must say WP’s performance in Parliament very disappointing, only make some noise and half way let PAP off so lightly.
    Maybe you people are bed fellows with PAP.
    Of all the members, I only like Slyvia, only reason to donate. I dislike Low the most, also dislike Pritam. Like Slyvia’s floating balloon argument with that female PAP Minister, shutting up the latter.
    Next GE, I would ditch WP if there is another Opposition Party competing. I dun want status quo to continue with WP in Parliament.
    Do not reply to this email. Full Stop here.


  32. Patrick Lim says:

    done with small donation, keep it up with the good job.


  33. Richard says:

    Even though I am a PMET struggling for past 5 years to find a decent job with very little income, my small contribution made through PayNow is the believe and trust that all of you can help to make the lives of true blue Singaporeans better. The fight must carry on for our future and our children… Jia You 加油!


  34. Joe lee says:

    Donated. Thank you WP for doing all this for all singaporean. Surpport WP all the way….. keep it up! Wp never give up! Joe lee 👍👍👍


  35. Jason Lee says:

    Fight off the bullies. I have made a small contribution but most important I have put in a voice.
    Thank you for all your efforts.


  36. Andrew LIM says:

    To me, this case is a waste of public resources and has a deeper and hidden objective. I salute Low, Lim and Pritam. Keep the spirit up and continue fighting. I think WP PR machinery must go into overdrive to balance public views garnered through reading different medias. I have forwarded my cheque made payable to Mr. Low and shall mail it asap. Wanted to do a Internet Transfer but not sure if they need BOTH an account number as well as a named account. It would have been easier.
    All the very best. I hope more Singaporean are waking up to this nonsensical treatment of people.


  37. Joshua ong h.s says:

    Please save our country!


  38. yeng says:

    Donated. Thank you so much for all that you have done and are doing for us.


  39. A. Tan says:

    I am not a dreamer, no matter how mighty the political “machinery” may appear, never underestimate the prowess of the people’s power! Across the strait, miracles just happened 5.5 mths ago..🤨


  40. Paul Chua says:

    I support you guys and thanks for speaking up for Singaporeans Against the evil regime. I have sent $20 to Ms Sylvia’s paynow account. Not a big amount but I really do hope it helps in a small way. Sorry I couldn’t contribute more because I am only a taxi driver. My paynow account is +65 9168 9110.


  41. Bridget Chee says:

    May God be with you always.


  42. Chiang Keng Yong says:

    We as Singaporeans will support you for this. Thanks for all your efforts to fight the MIW for the past years, good job, keep it up!


  43. Tan TL says:

    Pls fight on


  44. Leslie Lon says:

    Thank you for Standing up for us!


  45. Bernard Tan says:

    All the best to you all and win the case. Sorry I make only a small donation of $200 and will try to help more whenever I can.


  46. Pete says:

    I’ve been like a madman frantically trying to get friends and relatives to donate. Ok stay strong and hang on; I’m confident of coming up with something 😉 Pete


  47. Jeremy Long says:

    Bullies will always be Bullies, The truth will always be the truth. True Singaporeans is behind you 101%.


  48. Charles wee says:

    Don’t let these thieves continue to cheat us n robbed us .


  49. Derick Tan says:

    Keep going


  50. Jessica Chin says:

    i believe not in taking sides but what you stand for. stand strong. small contributions made to help you fight for a bigger cause.


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